Learning Management System- LMS

Welcome to Creating Impact Training & Development. If you have landed on this page it means you are seriously exploring the ways to:

  1. Building Digital Learning Infrastructure in your organisation
  2. Looking LMS for your Corporate Training Needs
  3. Simplify & automate your Training Process
  4. Engage & Upskill your Work from Home / Virtual teams on their Learning needs
  5. Turn your managers into digital coaches
  6. Show training Effectiveness/ROI to the business
  7. Build a Learning Culture in your organisation



What is a LMS (Learning Management System) ?

A learning management system(LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of  training programs, or learning and development programs. LMS helps in training/ Learning process automation which allows to evaluate the overall training effectiveness. Since more and more companies after COVID-19 scenarios across the world are choosing to deliver their training online. To deliver eLearning courses/Online learning, companies need a Learning Management System (LMS).


How can an LMS Benefit your Organisation?

Different LMS have their own list of features and benefits but largely any good LMS provides following benefits to its clients

  1. Training process automation: The entire process from Training design to measuring the effectiveness of training gets automated
  2. Digital Content creation: You can design in-house training content or choose from various E-Learning courses
  3. Online/ Virtual Training: Easily conduct Virtual training for your work from home or remote teams, customers and vendors
  4. Learner Management:  Engage your learners with gamification, course recommendation, Leaders boards
  5. Stakeholder's Dashboard:  Impactful training reports and analysis for different stakeholders. 
  6. Training ROI: Monitor performance impact and easily calculate ROI of all your training programmes
  7. Develop different Learning formats: Micro-learning, Game-based learning, interactive e-learning,
  8. Talent Engagement : Through Coaching, rewards & recognition and testing
  9. Cost Saving: Saves cost over traditional ILT/ Classroom based training


How many employees do i need to buy an LMS?

You can start with even a single learner on an LMS but that wont be advisable from the efficiency point. However an average industry standard is to start with a minimum of  50 learners for better impact.  Number of learners will also depend on your overall learning strategy, type of training, training content, etc. 


What is the LMS Cost ?

Each company has its LMS cost which is very different and based on lot of factors. Rather than just analysing cost following things can be kept in mind to arrive a better decisions.

  1. No of Learners - (More the learners, Lesser the price)
  2. Types of Learners - (HO/ Plant based, Laptop/ Desktop Vs Desk-less / Field force, Language proficiency)
  3. Types of LMS Features - (Gamification, Work flow, Content creation, etc)
  4. Integration with Internal systems like HRIS/ HRMS
  5. Digital Content Offered by LMS provider-
  6. Type and nature of your business
  7. Unit-wise /Business wise/ Enterprise wide 


Types of LMS

Creating Impact Training offers different types of LMS which are as follows

  1.  APP/ Mobile Based LMS for Deskless workforce/ Field force
  2. Basic LMS
  3. Advanced LMS / LXP
  4. Talent Management Platform


APP/ Mobile Based LMS for Deskless workforce/ Field force : This LMS is very useful for the deskless workforce/ frontline employees. Deskless workers are those that work in the field and don’t use a computer or have a workspace to perform their job duties. They often don’t even have a company email. These can be retail reps, manufacturing workers, healthcare professionals as well as people working in hospitality, education, transportation, etc. Our Mobile based LMS provides the following key benefits to the workers

  • Cost Effective as compared to Basic LMS
  • Lite Designed to run on basic Smartphones with minimum bandwidth
  • Regional Language Content
  • Mobile based training
  • Deliver training in short bursts (Micro Learning)
  • Just in time Training
  • Present training content in different formats- Videos, Images, Infographics, Movies, etc
  • Design In house training content
  • Complete Stakeholders dashboards and analysis
  • Employee Engagement


 Basic LMS : This LMS is a basic/ beginneer level LMS and can be very suitable for the organisations who are going to experience LMS for the first time. It offers a wide variety of benefits and is called basic as it can perform all the features which an LMS should do. This is cloud-based and works on a “responsive” framework, which means the possibilities to access your training program are limitless. While there are many benefits of using our Basic LMS, like cost reduction and security, the key benefit of Basic LMS is to deliver and track learning and eLearning initiatives in one place. Following is the list of the benefits that you derive from our Basic LMS

  • Lower Training cost
  • End to end training process automation
  • Intelligent Onboarding
  • Training content creation
  • Conduct of training (Virtual/ E-Learning)
  • Course registration and delivery
  • Access Training Anywere anytime
  • Learning journey/ path creation
  • Tracking and analysing user/ learner data
  • Performance-based tasks, e.g. skill gap analysis
  • Course administration
  • Communication between instructor and learner.
  • Stakeholder's Dashboard


Advanced LMS / LXP : Advanced LMS has additional features which because of the technological advances have now become highly effective in overal training management.This LMS places a lot of importance on the overall experience that the learner's derive while consuming the learning on this platform and hence it is also known as Learning experience platform. Apart from the above features of the basic LMS it offers following additional features 

  • Learning in the flow of work.
  • Competency Mapping on the LMS Platform
  • Training courses linked to specific job competencies
  • Artificial Intelligence-AI system recommends learning/ courses to the learners based on their competencies
  • Measuring overall employee's growth on organisational competencies as a result of learning consumption
  • Advanced Gamification features for highest engagement level
  • Work flow Management -
  • Improve the performance of the Underperformers


Talent Management Platform : Our Talent Management Platform cover the Four Pillars of Talent Development for your company i.e training, engagement, Automation & Measurment. With a 94% customer satisfaction, 72% savings and more than 100,000+ activities and assets created we our platform is the first choice for end to end Talent management needs. Apart form the features of advanced LMS following are the additional features of our Talent Management platform.

  • The best learning experience for enterprise learners
  • Train using in-house content or choose from our marketplace
  • Engage talent with our chatbot and gamification features
  • Automate talent development workflows
  • Turn your Managers into Coaches
  • Integrates seamlessly with your HRMS, Performance Management system and MOOC's 
  • Monitor performance impact and easily calculate ROI
  • Bring learning-led business growth to your company today!


For more Information feel free to reach out to us at shalini@creatingimpact.in and we will surely  help you build your Impactful LMS.